Lilly Singh Doesn’t Think Social Media Will ‘Become What Parents Want’ | Video

Power Women Summit: It “gets us arguing with other people, because that’s how engagement is formed,” the YouTuber/host says

Lilly Singh at The Wrap's Power Women Summit, Maybourne Hotel, Beverly Hills, California on Dec 5, 2023. (Shutterstock)

Canadian YouTuber, entertainer, producer, advocate and television host Lilly Singh doesn’t think the landscape of social media will ever get shaped into what parents hope it could be.

The content creator and influencer spoke during a live recording of the “Lipstick on the Rim” podcast, hosted by Molly Sims and Emese Gormley at TheWrap’s 2023 Power Women Summit.

“I want to preface by saying I do not have any kids. So take this with a grain of salt, but my belief coming from social media is I don’t think that landscape and that climate will ever change and become what parents want it to become,” Singh said.


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