‘Civil War’ Review: Kirsten Dunst Is Outstanding in Alex Garland’s Fraught and Fascinating Epic

The latest from the filmmaker behind ‘Ex Machina’ and ‘Annihilation’ is unlike anything he has ever done before

Kirsten Dunst in "Civil War" (A24)

If one is to engage honestly with “Civil War,’ one must also engage with the state of journalism. It is impossible not to in a country that has seen fascism rear its ugly head and reactionary conspiracies take hold in response to cascading existential crises. In the case of “Civil War” it culminates in violence that consumes the country.

That journalism is often seen as the solution to all of this, as if capturing the truth will somehow change things by showing what is happening, represents a central tension at the heart of this fascinating feature. It is a film that is both aware of its own limitations and in a fight to escape them.


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