‘Palm Royale’ Review: Kristen Wiig Claws Her Way Into Palm Beach High Society in Apple’s Campy Retro Comedy

Ricky Martin, Laura Dern and Carol Burnett are among the star-studded cast of the show from the producers of “Dead to Me”

Kristen Wiig and Ricky Martin in "Palm Royale." (Apple TV+)

“When you first come to Palm Beach, you think you’re the oldest and the richest. But then you realize you are the youngest and poorest.”

Everybody has goals. For new resident Maxine Simmons (Kristen Wiig), hers is to enter the world of Palm Beach high society circa 1969. She dreams of joining the Palm Royale, the most exclusive country club in the area. It’s the sort of exclusive place filled with swimming pools, galas and daytime martinis that feeds into the competitive charity season. It’s the time of year where the wealthy women in the area show off their wallets and organizational skills to vie for the coveted title of “Queen of the Season.”


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