Original ‘The Crow’ Director Says Fan Backlash to Remake ‘Speaks Volumes’

“Brandon Lee died making it and it was finished as a testament to his lost brilliance and tragic loss,” says Alex Proyas

Bill Skarsgard in "The Crow" (Lionsgate)

Alex Proyas, director of the 1994 film “The Crow,” spoke out about the backlash to the upcoming remake of his film, saying in a diplomatic way that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

“I really don’t get any joy from seeing negativity about any fellow filmmakers work,” Proyas wrote on Facebook. “And I’m certain the cast and crew really had all good intentions, as we all do on any film. So it pains me to say any more on this topic, but I think the fan’s [sic] response speaks volumes.”

“The Crow” became an infamous part of film history due to the on-set death of its lead star Brandon Lee, who was fatally shot by a prop gun during filming.


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