Adaptations Are a Balancing Act, Execs and Writers Say

Power Women Summit: You have to find writers sensitive to not alienating fans, Sony’s Lauren Stein shares

The Art of Adaptations panel at TheWrap's Power Women Summit, Maybourne Hotel, Beverly Hills, California on Dec 5, 2023.

No matter what’s being adapted — from books and video games to obscure articles — “It’s all about character for us,” Sony Pictures Television Studios creative head Lauren Stein said. “People don’t come to watch spectacle, they come to watch characters.”

Writers from “Lessons in Chemistry” and “The Other Black Girl” came together with executives from Sony, “Call of Duty” and Roblox to share their insights into the world of adapting material. The conversation took place Tuesday at “The Art of Adaptation: Storytelling Across Mediums” as part of TheWrap’s Power Women Summit.

Stein estimated that about 95% of her business is based on intellectual property.


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