‘An Enemy of the People’ Broadway Review: Jeremy Strong Makes a Great Dr. Fauci

The “Succession” star returns to the Gotham boards in an Ibsen revival that’s short, swift and politically pointed

Jeremy Strong in Enemy of the People Broadway
Jeremy Strong in "An Enemy of the People" (Credit: Emilio Madrid)

It’s the Covid pandemic all over again at the Circle in the Square, where a radically pared-down version of Henrik Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People” opened Monday.

Best of all is Jeremy Strong’s Dr. Thomas Stockmann, who vividly recalls Dr. Anthony Fauci, especially when this good Norwegian doctor is warning a town about the dangers of an impending epidemic.

The only problem with making “Enemy” a blow-by-blow retelling of Trump and Fauci’s battles is that what we all endured in real life a few years ago was so much more dramatic than what’s being offered onstage under the direction of Sam Gold.


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